James Talia


Jim Talia started working in the California Central Valley, Modesto area, during high school. Jim was in the fields picking fruits, vegetables and driving tractors, working in dry yards during the summer months. After High School Jim went to San Jose City College to study law enforcement and play baseball. There, he found he was not that interested in school or the legal field and left after two semesters to go back to work in agriculture. Not long after, Jim obtained his commercial driver’s license and started a career driving trucks. For the next 15 years he hauled everything from heavy equipment to hay. From May to October, he hauled hay. From October to April, he hauled anything that could be put on a flatbed throughout the western United States. In late 2004, Jim was offered a position with a home builder as an assistant project manager in Nevada. Having been on the road for so long and missing so much at home, he decided to take a leap of faith and do it. Big change, relocation and start over. At this time, Jim went to construction management classes and earned his Project Managers Certification from The National Home Builders Association. After the housing market crash, things changed again. Jim went from a project manager to a laborer, detailer, framer, electrician, painter, plumber, roofer, dishwasher, cook, bouncer to whatever he needed to do, to keep his family fed.  Jim was finally given the opportunity to work in natural gas with another company. He started as a plumber/laborer and soon after, earning his fitter’s certification. Within 2 years of his hire date he was promoted to foreman of a main crew. He remained with them and in that position until he came to Arizona Pipeline. Jim has been with Arizona Pipeline since April 2016, the beginning of the Carson City startup.

Jim has been married for 22 years to his ever so forgiving and loving wife Cindy. She holds a Bachelors Degree in Physical Education and Master’s Degree in Education Administration.  They have two wonderful daughters. One graduating with a Bachelors in Nursing in spring 2018. The younger of the two, a scholar athlete in high school. Both of which they are very proud. They enjoy camping, fishing, minor league baseball games and attending their daughter’s volleyball tournaments. Jim’s hobbies include fly fishing, archery, baseball and the general outdoors as often as possible as it’s right out his back door.

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