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Safety, Quality, Service, since 1979

Mission Statement

Since 1979, Arizona Pipeline Company has taken pride in its commitment to safety and quality. We believe that our coworkers are our family and each other’s safety is our top priority.

Arizona Pipeline is dedicated to:

  • identifying hazards in the work environment
  • eliminating the hazards when possible
  • developing safety and training programs when elimination is not possible
  • training employees on the hazards and safety programs
  • ensuring all employees and subcontractors are following the safety training and programs

Our company culture is rooted deeply in the belief that if you have a workforce that is safe, they will produce a quality product. Furthermore, if you have a safe workforce producing a quality product, then production will follow. This credence ensures that our workforce has a solid foundation of safety for the layers of quality and production to rest on.

It is these principles that have led Arizona Pipeline to become a leader in the underground industry for over 35 years and will continue to fuel our leadership and growth long into the future. The safety of our family of coworkers, the public, our customers, and the environment we live in must always be placed above all else and we at Arizona Pipeline are committed to being a place of employment where that philosophy is encouraged and flourishes.

About Arizona Pipeline

We are an Arizona Corporation licensed in Arizona, California, Nevada, Utah, New Mexico, Oregon and Washington.

Our main office is in Hesperia, California. We also maintain construction yards in four states: Hesperia and Corona, California; Phoenix, Tucson, Arizona, as well as Las Vegas, Nevada.

Our History

Duane Moyers, who has sixty years experience in underground utilities and the pipeline industry, founded Arizona Pipeline Company in 1979. We have enjoyed a select bid list position with most of our clients through a sound financial base, qualified personnel, efficient service, quality work and, last but not least, an extremely competitive approach to the construction industry.

Our Founders


Duane Moyers, Founder


Nina Moyers


APL Safety Hotline 877-699-7854
Call to report complaints, comments, or if you have any suggestions


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